What is Floating Nuclear Power Plants: Green Energy Solution or Environmental Threat?

The basic idea of Floating Nuclear Power Plants (FNPPs) is relatively new to the realm of nuclear power generation, as this industry is accustomed to the more traditional method of having nuclear reactors on the surface, on the coast. The idea of mobile power plants provides accessibility of power plant which as a result can generate electricity in remote areas.  FNPP technology has been developed for several decades since the middle of the last century, however, it has finally begun to develope faster recently. Russia has an operational FNPP, the academic Lomonosov launched in 2018.

Advantages of Floating Nuclear Power Plants

Mobility and flexibility Potential to provide power to remote areas Reduced land usage

Environmental Impact

Concerns on environment aspect in relation to its health and safety has been raised with regards to the project. It is possible to blow a radioactive steam’ which will be very dangerous to those living close to the area. It also occupies an area vulnerable to earthquakes, meaning there is a high likelihood that a tsunami may affect the facility flooding it and causing radioactive substances and waste to seep out. Environmentalists have also noted that the affairs of the facility are situated on the water which makes it an easy target of force majeure situations.

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